Ring Tin-Plated Copper Lugs with Heat Skink 

These heavy-duty cable lugs are used in 2 or 4 AWG cables.  They are used in multiple applications indoor and outdoor ATV, Cars, Boats, Trolling Motors Wiring, Golf Cart, Distribution Box, Solar Panels, Home applications, and multiple others. They are copper lugs and tin-plated. With them being tin-plated, this reduces the corrosion caused by harsh environmental situations. The barrel on the lugs is made for a 2 or 4 AWG wire. The lugs have a hole size of 5/16 or 3/8 inches. The lugs have a closed-end design to keep out unnecessary moisture. This reduces the likelihood of wire corrosion.  The heat shrinks that come with the set are already cut to the correct length to cover up the end of the lug.

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Ring Tin Plated Copper Lugs with Heat Skink

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