About Us

About Fast and Quiet

Fast and Quiet is an environmentally friendly company that converts gasoline vehicles into electric. To accomplish this goal, the customer first brings in a gasoline car that they want to converted. If the customer does not have a car they want converted, Fast and Quiet can let them purchase one of their cars. Then the magic begins! We take out the gasoline engine and its components and put in an electric motor. This electric motor is lighter and more efficient than the gasoline engine. The converted cars require no gasoline to run. They also require less maintenance than traditional gasoline fueled vehicles.

In addition, Fast and Quiet also sells the individual electric parts that we use in electric cars so customers that want to do it themselves can build their own electric car. The parts are sold as a kit or individually. We sell motors, batteries, chargers, interfaces, software and other products to help in the conversion process. In addition to the parts, we also provide instructions and wiring diagrams. These are essential for the conversion process. We provide as much or as little assistance as is needed by each customer. Some customers might need more help than others.

Fast and Quiet’s mission is to save the planet, one mile at a time.